BP Oil Spill Claims

BP Oil Spill Claims - Stephens & Stephens LegalHas the BP oil explosion and leakage affected you, your business, boat, or home?

It is estimated that 210,000 gallons of oil continues to spill into the Gulf each day. BP has tried to plug the well but has yet to be successful and it seems that we may not get a solution till August 2010.  Following that even BP officials said more than 500,000 pounds of pollutants and nonpollutants were released while the company increased flaring as they tried to repair a compressor on the faulty unit were releases in Texas City, TX.  One pollutant being a known cancer causing agent, Benzene.

Financial damage claims, or economic damage claims can be stressful. We have experience in handling business and property damage claims, and know how to navigate the tough claims-handling process. Often, insurance companies and responsible people and businesses will deny a claim, delay in payment, or offer a small amount of money in compensation for a much larger claim.

Business damage claims and business interruption claims involve lost profits and many other considerations and often involve a high level of sophistication to handle properly.

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